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Peace Innovation Institute is Company of the Month

COTM January 2019
29 January 2019
  • Company of the Month

Peace Innovation Institute | Making positive peace accessible

Meet our Company of the Month January: Peace Innovation Institute, where they create innovations that deliver a positive impact on the economy, business, and community. They make positive peace accessible through the development of new technologies, improvement of social security, knowledge sharing, business development facilitation, and building strong local communities.

They build an active and growing global community that consists of thought leaders and practitioners from the fields of behaviour design, game design, innovation, computer science, social technologies and finance.

Launched from Stanford

Peace Innovation Institute was founded in January 2018 and became immediately operational in The Hague. The Peace Innovation Institute was launched from the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford. The Institute trains and mentors peace tech entrepreneurs and coordinates their City Lab network around the world.

The mission of Peace Innovation Institute is (i) catalyse a peace tech sector and industry, (ii) create new frameworks and curriculum for the ethical and safe deployment of emerging technologies and innovation and (iii) establish a market signal for the value of peace through Peace Data Standard.

A warm welcome in The Hague

“We started conversations with the City of the Hague in 2015 to explore the possibility of having an office in The Hague. We had been looking at Oslo and other cities in Europe where we had been piloting our Peace Innovation City labs. The Hague is the City of Peace and Justice and we found the opportunity to connect Stanford and Silicon Valley innovation knowhow to this sector to be irresistible.”, says Mark Nelson, Founder and Co-Director at Stanford Peace Innovation Lab. “We received a very warm welcome from the peace, justice, humanitarian and startup communities in The Hague and quickly felt at home.”

The first months of doing business in The Hague

Peace Innovation Institute is going through predictable startup transitions that are common anywhere.  What has been notable is the strong sense of community and interest in what they’re doing. They have made many connections with potential partners and stakeholders. On a personal basis, they have acquired a staff apartment to accommodate their team from Silicon Valley.

Upcoming plans in The Hague

The organization hopes to have a team of three people in the immediate future with plans to expand from there. They will be building out their business model to include a membership component for peace entrepreneurs, training and certification for city lab organizers at The Hague and corporate and funder engagement in The Hague Peace Data Standard that they announced last year.

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