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08 December 2016
  • Company of the Month

Lanetix | Leading the revolution in logistics commercial operations

In July 2015, our proud Company of the Month Lanetix opened its EMEA head office in The Hague, two years after its start in San Francisco. The company develops software-as-a-service solutions to help Logistics Service Providers (LSP’s) manage the workflow of their commercial operations.


“Although the logistics industry has become more complicated and interdependent in recent years, the supporting IT systems have more or less stayed the same. The lack of adaption in these systems not only slows down response times, but it also frustrates shippers and leads to lower operating margins. Lanetix is leading the revolution in logistics commercial operations,” says Marc Heeren, General Manager at Lanetix Europe.


Today, Lanetix powers 4 of the 8 largest logistics companies in the world. Their customers include leading global freight forwarders, transactional freight brokerage, major ocean carriers and contract logistics value-added warehousing companies.


From left to right: Marco Stroeken (Business Development Manager), Troy Goode (CTO), Karsten Klein (Vice-Mayor), Marc Heeren (VP & GM), Martijn de Graaf (Customer Engagement Manager), Merijn Roovers (Solution Architect).


Customers first
According to Heeren, the first tenet for success is simple: “Focus everything you do on your customer, obsessively. We constantly ask: What is the customer’s experience? How can we make it better? Our mission is not predicting where the supply chain industry is going, but aligning our interests with our customers’ interest 100%. We solve our customers’ pain and help them succeed.”


However, Lanetix aims to take it further by not only serving their customers, but also by actively involving them in product development to make sure their product meets their demands: “We must constantly earn our customers’ business by delivering more in services, technology, and innovation. To do this, Lanetix brings clients into the product development process. Lanetix also uses its advisory board, comprised of industry experts, to shape the company’s strategy and tactics.”


Setting up in The Hague
A clear decision for The Hague has been made, based on the positive settling climate including the support of the WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) and the municipality of The Hague. In addition, the access to Europe with two major airports within 30 minutes has contributed to this decision. Heeren says, “Lanetix is appreciative of the continued support from the city and the WFIA, especially in their effort to provide access to talent and to connect Lanetix to other start-ups in the region.”


Future plans
The future for Lanetix looks bright. They expect to grow substantially in Europe in 2017. The WFIA looks forward to close cooperation with Lanetix and the City of The Hague. “We are very pleased that Lanetix chose The Hague as their EMEA head office. The establishment of innovative fast-growing companies like Lanetix are not just contributing to job opportunities and the economy, it also enriches our IT cluster,” says to Ilja van Haaren, Executive Director WFIA.

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