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14 July 2016
  • Company of the Month

CTCI | leader in engineering services across Asia, the Middle East & the Americas

We are proud to present CTCI as the company of the month July. CTCI is a global leader in international engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). As of April this year, the company has expanded to The Hague in order to coordinate its joint project with the Netherlands-based CB&I, a project worth USD $2.8bn.


Despite the industry’s recent challenges, CTCI has proved its resilience by realizing growth and securing new deals across the world. James Wang, head of Marketing & Sales Division at CTCI, has a clear explanation for the company’s success: “Oil prices are likely to remain volatile in 2016 as the strength of global demand remains uncertain. With questions lingering over how much supply will come online, most of the oil producers in the Middle East are still facing great financial pressure as their investments on refineries and petrochemical plants remain unclear. During these challenging times for EPC contractors, CTCI always looks for the chance to extend its reliable services to its most important clients worldwide. CTCI keeps its eyes on investments of private enterprises as well as the national tactical plan (e.g. the new joint project in Oman)”, says the head of Marketing & Sales Division of CTCI. “For this project, the Oman state-owned ORPIC is building a new complex in Sohar area. This project will enhance the Oman in-country value of products and will provide the necessary materials to grow a downstream sector in the sultanate, with a focus on the plastics industry. It will also enhance the contribution of the industrial sector toward domestic production to 9 per cent by 2020 and will create more than 13,000 new employment opportunities for Omanis.”


Coming to The Hague
Apart from the locally appointed workforce from CB&I, an additional 35 employees from Taiwan have been assigned to work on this project. To welcome this group, the WFIA in cooperation with the NFIA office in Taipei provided an interactive soft landing program with practical information regarding daily life in the Netherlands with topics such as public transport, the health insurances and housing.


Image: Soft landing program provided by Altair Global and WFIA.


We are very pleased with the cooperation that has been realized with CB&I in The Hague. For us it is important to be close to international engineering companies. Additionally, I am very impressed about the quality of working and living in The Hague,“ says M.L. Lee, Project Director. Although living in The Netherlands can be somewhat pricy according to Mr. Lee, he lauds the multicultural environment in The Hague: “Coming The Hague in the Netherlands has been quite an experience for our Taiwanese expats. To me, the biggest assets are the open political culture, the ease of traveling to other countries, the great public transportation and the historic architectures. The costs of living in Western Europe are higher than in Asia, especially clothes, healthcare and food. However, it really struck me as a non-European to see how easily foreign people are embraced by the local population. The Hague in itself is a multi-cultural city with lot of expats and a significant population from Southeast Asia and the Middle East. All in all, I think Netherlands is a great place to stay. You might find things to be a tad difficult at first considering the weird food and the slight language barrier, but other than these, the country is very welcoming and people are extremely warm. WFIA and Altair Global really helped us settling down everything with thoughtful and heartwarming services since day 1.


New Developments, new logo
Following their rapid international expansion, CTCI unveiled its new brand identity last month. Their new image is fresh, international and recognizable, to emphasize reliability among their international clients. “Discover Reliable” is the CTCI slogan” says CTCI Chairman John T. Yu. “It is a mantra that defines the way we work and captures the essence of our drive to become the world’s most reliable engineering services provider. It invites our clients, partners, and prospective employees to discover the advantages and security of working with CTCI. It is a call to action that inspires our employees to seek new opportunities to improve the reliability of all aspects of their work.”



Image : CTCI Chairman John T. Yu displays CTCI’s new brand image for being known as “the world’s most reliable global engineering service provider”.


A common logo with the English initials of “CTCI” has now been employed for all CTCI companies while the hexagon, which has always been a common element of all CTCI companies, is now used as the emblem of CTCI. “More importantly, with the hexagon placed on the upper-right corner of the CTCI logo, it signifies the CTCI brand’s accumulation of all the companies to the Nth power, and that the brand is an aggregation of the wisdom, experience and hard work of the entire staff. By presenting ourselves in more international and innovative ways, and employing new visual designs and messages, we can boost our customers’ awareness of our reliability and advanced capabilities. These are what you will see in the future as we implement these measures. The most important goal is to successfully transform CTCI into a world-famous brand.



Image: old logo (left) versus new logo (right) of CTCI


About CTCI
CTCI is a global engineering services provider that offers a comprehensive range of services, products, and solutions. Since its founding in 1979, CTCI has strived to deliver the world’s most reliable engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, commissioning and project management services. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, CTCI serves the hydrocarbon, power, environmental, transportation and industrial markets. The company is Taiwan’s leading EPC services provider, with 7,500 employees in more than a dozen local offices worldwide, and is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability  TM Emerging Markets Index.


For more information about CTCI and their latest projects, please visit