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YES!Delft The Hague

COTM_Yes Delft The Hague
30 May 2019
  • Company of the Month

YES!Delft The Hague | Turning promising ideas and teams into solid startups

Meet our Company of the Month May: YES!Delft, Europe’s leading Tech incubator and accelerator. It provides tech startups with all services they need on their entrepreneurial journey: custom startup programs, full lifecycle services such as recruitment (YES!Talents) and funding (YES!Funded). Yes!Delft The Hague helps turning promising ideas and teams into solid startups and help them grow into successful companies. YES!Delft startups gain access to its vast ecosystem of experts, mentors, academia , research, corporate partners and investors with its unique programs, YES!Delft truly helps build tomorrow’s leading firms. Its aim is to maximize startup success. YES!Delft The Hague is a not-for-profit company and takes no equity from startups in its programs.

Where does the company come from?

YES!Delft was founded in 2005 by TU Delft, TNO and Municipality of Delft. Their ambition was to get innovative ideas from TU and TNO to market and create jobs. Since then YES!Delft rapidly grew to what it is today, over 130 startups with 850 employees housed in its incubator and an additional 150 startups joining YES!Delft annually in its programs.

Since when is it operational in The Hague?

YES!Delft The Hague opened its door in February 2019 at the HeadQuarter building at Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104. This is its Digital Hub where it support startups, corporates and governmental organizations with digital innovation in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.

Why did the company choose for the Hague?

Because of the focus on the key technologies of the digital society, The Hague as the centre of government and existing clusters in security, IT/tech and finance & legal. It makes it the place to be for AI and Blockchain innovations.

In what way did The Hague Business Agency assist you?

“The Hague Business Agency plays a vital role in attracting and assisting high quality foreign startups that want to join our ecosystem. We are quite complementary. The Hague Business Agency really provides a hassle-free experience for our foreign startups. They can quickly set up shop and concentrate on growing their business together with us.” according to Ras Lamy, managing director of YES!Delft The Hague.

How have the first months of doing business in The Hague been like?

“I must say we experienced a warm welcome. We already work together with local startup hubs, knowledge institutes, government and local corporates. We have already more than 30 startups joining us in our Digital programs and in our office, so we hit the ground running.”

How many people will be working for the company in The Hague in the future?

YES!Delft The Hague currently offers workplaces to more than 80 startup employees and it provides tailored AI & Blockchain programs to at least 30 new AI and Blockchain startups each year.

What are the company’s plans for the near future?

“We want to create a vibrant Digital startup hub right here in The Hague. A real centre of gravity for digital innovation in the Netherlands where both local and (inter)national startups, corporates, and government can become a part of. If you like to know more about us and how to contribute, please reach out to”