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business environment in The hague

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Stable Business Environment

In a dynamic and rapidly changing world, you need a rock-solid foundation. So, it is good know that The Netherlands is a stable business environment and a transparent society. People can speak, move and act freely, virtues that are strongly defended by the government and the public opinion.

Prosperous since the Golden Age

Four centuries ago innovative Dutch entrepreneurs came up with the concept of stocks and the stock exchange. Culture blossomed, science prospered, some of the first universities in the world were established here. And, Holland opened up for foreigners who wanted to come and join us! This triggered an influx of money and ideas. Our country still benefits from that attitude. Here is what you can expect from our business environment, if you come to The Hague:

  • The education level of those working in the Netherlands has been steadily rising over the last decade: 8.5 percent have a university education and 17 percent have a so-called "higher professional education"
  • Dutch workforces are characterized by their multilingual speaking skills, 90 percent of the population can speak conversational English
  • The Netherlands has the eighth position of cleanest countries in the world with respect to the perceived level of public sector corruption. 

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