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Picture of Europe at night, with The Netherlands emanating circles of connectivity

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Expanding or opening a business in Europe

Connectivity is everything in today’s world. Partners, consumers, opinion leaders, policy makers, high potential staff, young and talented people eager to share with you their fresh insights. In The Hague, you have it all close by. We help you start or expand your Business.

Infrastructure in Holland

The Netherlands thrive thanks to an ideal geographical position: we live in the Western-European delta. We are in the middle of the vast German, French and UK markets. The rivers Rhein and Maas are the lifeline between West Holland and Europe with its 500 million consumers. This has made Rotterdam one of the world's largest seaports. Holland is a logistic hub where containers from all continents pour in 24/7. Cargo is then transported by rail, river vessels and trucks to all European countries. The Netherlands are in the world's top ten in export volume and it ranks in the world's top twenty for GNP. And, The Netherlands were ranked 2nd by the 2014 World Bank Global Logistics rating. Furthermore, Holland has two airports: Schiphol (the 5th largest in Western Europe) and Rotterdam The Hague International Airport. London, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, are just around the corner. Our latest mainport plays a key role in the digital world of today: Amsterdam has one the world’s largest Internet Exchange platforms, AMS-IX.

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