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digital infrastructure in The Netherlands

Welcome in
the world's most
wired country

Digital Infrastructure

Early adaptors that we are, the Dutch have enthusiastically welcomed the Internet from day 1. Today, The Netherlands are classified by DHL Global Connectedness 2014 as the most ‘wired’ country in the world. High-speed internet, glass fibre cables, state of the art digital communications systems, an abundance of server parcs and data centres, it’s all here. The Hague offers you the benefits of:

  • One of the largest internet hubs in the world
  • The highest bandwidth speed per internet user in Europe
  • High connectivity penetration
  • High-speed Internet exchange through AMS-IX and NL-IX 
  • Reliable broadband and telecom providers
  • A very reliable and efficient energy infrastructure. Downtime is a rare phenomenon in The Netherlands 

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