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Renting or Buying?

When moving to another country, it is important to get it absolutely right for you, your family and employees. We can advise you on the feel, facilities and atmosphere of several parts of the city. We can introduce you to a network of independent estate agents that are specialized in housing for expats. With their expertise, we you can decide whether you could best buy or rent a house. When you are thinking of buying, keep in mind that studies show that The Hague will maintain to be a popular city to live in, for the next decades. So, your Dutch investment here has every chance of being very robust and safe. 


Why buying in The Hague?

  • Pride of ownership; owning a house offers a sense of stability and security.
  • Control over the property (decoration changes, pets, noisy activities etc.).
  • Great financial incentives / tax benefits.
  • Buying a property can be a good investment
    Information on buying

Why renting in The Hague?

  • Mobility; rental contracts can be terminated within a period of two to three months.
  • Budget assessment and fixed rental costs.
  • Major repairs and routine maintenance are (usually) landlord’s responsibility.
  • There is no reason to resell before moving out.
    Information on renting