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Health care and insurances in The Netherlands

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Healthcare & Insurances

There is nothing more distressing than becoming sick abroad. Do the doctors have the same wealth of knowledge as they do in your home country? Are treatments comparable? What are the health facilities? Will you be able to communicate with them? Very plausible questions. As many expats in The Hague do, you may take consolation from the fact that medical care in the Netherlands is among the best in the world. And, almost all doctors speak English. Whether you have a common cold, a more serious illness or are expecting a baby, medical care is excellent and thorough.

High standards in health insurance

All residents in The Netherlands are required to have at least a standard health insurance, for themselves and for their partners and children. This covers the costs of medical care by a GP, hospital and pharmacy. You may choose to take out additional supplementary insurance, at an extra rate. As an expat, it is very important get your health insurance settled within four months after you move to The Netherlands. To do so, you can choose from a range of health insurance companies. We are pleased to guide you along; we have been there ourselves.

Mandatory insurance in The Netherlands

The Dutch government has ruled a series of mandatory insurances to ensure that no individual should get in trouble because of events that he or she would rather have avoided:









Everyone who lives in the Netherlands is legally obliged to have a ‘’basisverzerkering’’.

This type of insurance covers the general health care or for example the visit to a GP, hospital and pharmacy.


In the Netherlands, when you own a vehicle it is mandatory to have a WA insurance.

This insurance covers damage caused by your car to other persons or their properties. This means that only their damages are being covered and not yours.

By the way: this WA-verzekering comes in handy in other situations where you or your children should accidentally cause damage to someones property. For example: your child kicks a ball through your neighbours window.

In case you are planning to buy a house, then it is possible that the bank is requiring you to take an ‘’opstal verzekering’’. 

This type of insurance covers damages to the house itself, specifically the roof, kitchen, central heating, bathroom even the wooden floor if attached to your house.