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Company of the month HCL Technologies - den Haag

HCL Technologies
15 March 2019
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HCL’s Mode 1-2-3 strategy helps future proof their customers' business

Meet our Company of the Month: HCL Technologies, the fastest growing IT services company in the world; a $8.4 Billion global company operating out of 44 countries that specializes in transformation of IT and engineering services.

HCL provides an integrated portfolio of services underlined by their Mode 1–2–3 growth strategy. Mode 1 encompasses core services in the areas of Applications, Infrastructure, BPO and Engineering & R&D services. Mode 2 focuses on experience–centric and outcome–oriented services such as Digital and Analytics Services, cybersecurity, cloud and AI. Mode 3 is ecosystem–driven, creating innovative IP–partnerships to build products and platforms business. With this in mind, HCL has invested heavily in building next-generation services, solutions and partnerships that cater to businesses of the 21st century.

21st century listed technology company

Founded in 1991, HCL Tech has demonstrated remarkable growth, outperforming competitors through the recent economic downturn, to emerge as one of only eight 21st century listed technology companies. HCL has offices in 44 countries including the United States, European countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and the Middle East. HCL started its operations in Europe in 1999 and now is present in 18 European countries, houses 21 delivery and innovation centers, providing revolutionary value to over 200 European customers. HCL has been growing pretty fast in the region, emerging as one of its top IT Services Provider.

HCL opened its Dutch operations in 1999 in Hague and now hires more than 650 employees, most of them locally sourced. Around 2000 employees strategically support Dutch organisations from offshore. They work closely across various industries such as banking, insurance, logistics, manufacturing, media, life sciences and telecom.

Centre of excellence for fintech and financial services industry

Since The Hague has become the centre of excellence for the fintech and larger financial services industry, HCL has set up its base in the Hague from where strategic decisions are taken. Sudip Lahiri, Senior Vice President and Head of HCL Financial Services, Europe, is based in The Hague, benefitting from the city’s central location, access to top political and business leaders and unique cultural heritage. He has more than 15 years of experience in the region, having initiated and developed the company footprint all across the DACH, Nordic and Benelux regions.

Unique cultural heritage

Recognising the unique cultural heritage of the city, HCL has invested in building relationships beyond the contract, partnering with local government to create opportunities for the local population. They bring in a unique innovation and creative approach to technology, powered by their core engineering strengths and their position as one of the leading IT service providers in the world.

HCL is closely working with the Delft University on the areas of data and cyber security; collaborations which They hope will help the local government as they integrate their functioning digitally. HCL was proud to host Mr. Karsten Klein, the Deputy Mayor of Hague at their Bangalore Special Economic Zone centre, where They discussed interesting ideas on creating, sustaining and developing a “smart city” program. They followed this up with a workshop for the local government in The Hague and another one at their Fintech Lab in London, where the possibility of setting up a Centre of Excellence was discussed.

They have signed a letter of intent with the Municipality of The Hague. The announcements were made during HCL leadership’s meeting with Honourable Prime Minister of The Netherlands Mr. Mark Rutte, who was on a state visit to India in May 2018. The Municipality of The Hague is planning to develop a smart city concept for the city, in which concept digital technologies and innovations will be created and used to solve urban and social challenges the city is facing. On the basis of this letter of intent, HCL will assist for a feasibility study on an Innovation City Centre of Excellence. Through this Innovation City Centre of Excellence (ICCoE), the Municipality of The Hague intents to focus on areas such as Safety & security, Energy & sustainability, Healthcare, Mobility, Education and Public Space.

There is an interest in The Hague City and the Dutch Government on Cyber Security and given their Mode2/Security focus, there is synergy here. Here they leveraged their relations with The Hague Security Delta along with the Municipality of The Hague and announced a plan to launch Security CoE Innovation hub.  This security hub will collaborate with HCL existing and prospective clients in the region and offer best in class security services to the market. In line with this initiative, they recently concluded a cybersecurity roundtable in close association with The Hague Security Delta and the Ministry of The Hague , where they had Mr. Hans De Vries , Director of National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Ministry of Justice and Security Netherlands, Mr. Joris den Bruinen, Director, The Hague Security Delta and Mr. Jeroen Schipper, CISO The Hague Municipality address the gathering of executives on the future of cybersecurity.

HCL also recently hosted Ms. Pauline Krikke, Mayor of The Hague for their new office inauguration in The Hague on 31st January 2019. The new office will serve as a hub for HCL’s local sales team and key support functions; including marketing, HR, finance, legal, and administration services.

Furthermore, HCL is the technology partner for the Volvo Ocean Race, which had its last leg in The Hague last year. HCL showcased their technological acumen and the hospitality of the city, as record number of sailors, viewers and more gathered in the city.

They are extremely excited to help the City of The Hague become a “smart city”, using cutting edge technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Automation to transform the city services and directly impact all residents of the city.

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