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COTM Human Insight
27 November 2018
  • Company of the Month

Human Insight | Executing Strategy Through People

Meet Human Insight, our latest Company of the Month. This British firm, which established an office in The Hague earlier this year, recently won the Fast Forward The Hague pitch challenge for startups and scale-ups that are ready to accelerate. We spoke with Sebastian Hamers, CEO of Human Insight, about the company’s recent move to The Hague.


About Human Insight

“Our company was founded in London back in 2000. Human Insight specialises in assessments and providing HR data insights. One of our clients stated that we are “the standard in growth”. We help organisations understand the challenges they face when growing their business, especially when it comes to people: getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats is what it’s really all about.”


Watch this video based on Human Insight’s research which was published in Harvard Business Review.


Why choose The Hague?

“The upcoming Brexit creates too many uncertainties around pricing, taxes and free commercial trade, so we decided to move our operations to the Hague. In addition, both our business and our team were expanding in the Netherlands, which offers a superior and more affordable standard of living and better options for office space compared to London. We also wanted an influx of student interns who could help us with research into certain topics. In our case, we aim to attract students from Leiden University with a background in psychology as well as students from Rotterdam School of Management who specialise in human resources and international business.”


How have the first months of doing business in The Hague been?

“Good! We already have a solid base of clients and consultants in the Netherlands and are now building a presence and an international operating network in Belgium, Germany, the UK and the US. We have a lot of guests flying over and coming to the Hague. They really like the city and its surroundings. It’s green, has great culture and is somewhere you can get around easily without feeling lost.”


What is on the horizon?

“We currently have eight people working in the Netherlands and expect to increase this number to between 15 and 20 in the near future. Staff support our network of business consultants, coaches and clients who use our tools and insights to facilitate change within organisations. We also plan to invest in our IT to develop cool, interactive insights for management teams via dashboard solutions. Human Insight wants to be a household name in business when it comes to aligning talent with strategy. Our goal is to become the Workday© for individual and team performance as well as organisational change, helping companies make better decisions and adapt quicker to disruptions in the market.


In the course of 2019, Human Insight will be offering a unique research program to participants and companies who want take part in their research around High Performing Teams. Building on our research that has been published by Harvard Business Review, Human Insight is now looking to bring their key finders and best practice approaches to the Netherlands. Together with researchers and speakers from Nyenrode Business University, London Business School and Ashridge Business School.”


If you are interested in learning more about high performing teams, please visit or contact the Human Insight team via


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