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02 November 2018
  • Brexit
  • How to prepare

Brexit - How to prepare your business



The Hague Business Agency is dedicated to informing, supporting and assisting all companies with preparing for the challenges which come with the Brexit.


If you are international company and you have a Brexit related question, a question about setting up a new entity in the Netherlands or you are considering to relocate your business please contact us. We are ready to speak to you. Send us your question



Dutch Companies

For Dutch companies doing business or trading with companies in the United Kingdom please use the following available tools to prepare your company for Brexit.

  •            The RVO Brexit information desk
  • Brexit Impact Scan  Use the Brexit impact scan to prepare your business and receive practical information and tips
  • Brexit-vouchers        if you want to hire a Brexit specialist these brexit voucher are available to cover some costs.
  • Brexit-buddies          Ask your question to a Brexit expert.