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COTM Signicat
12 September 2018
  • Company of the Month

Signicat | A leading verified digital identity and electronic signing solutions provider

We’re thrilled to announce Signicat as the Company of the Month September! The Norwegian company is one of the leading providers of electronic identity and electronic signature solutions in Europe. The company helps banks, insurance companies and other organizations in regulated industries to digitally sign up new customers in a secure and verified manner, and then provides the technology to make sure that customers can log in securely every time they return. We spoke with Marco Gouw, Netherlands Country Manager at Signicat, about their business operations in The Hague.


Signicat in The Hague

“Signicat was founded in 2007 in Trondheim, Norway. At this moment, we have 9 offices in 8 different countries, including our office in The Hague, which was established in 2016. In the short time we’ve been active in The Netherlands, we have introduced the support of two digital identities in the Netherlands, iDIN and DigiD, increasing our coverage of eIDs (Electronic Identifications) across Europe. These two digital identities give Dutch citizens easy, secure access to any financial or municipal service they use.


iDIN is a Dutch online identification method (the iD stands for iDentification and IN stands for logIN). This method was introduced by the Betaalvereniging Nederland (the Dutch Payments Association) and was developed in cooperation with a number of banks. The identification method is designed to repeat the success of the Nordic BankID system by providing digital identities with multiple use cases.


DigiD is the government-issued digital identification method which can be accepted by any Dutch organisation with the authority to use a customer’s social security number, or BSN. While iDIN has been created to provide a digital ID for financial services, DigiD is used for many public services, such as healthcare, legal aid, and utilities. As well as proving your identity when corresponding with the government DigiD can also authorise a third-parties to act on your behalf. As with iDIN, DigiD is available to all existing Signicat customers now.”


Why The Hague?

“Our office was originally set up to support Rabobank, which became our largest customer in the Netherlands. The Hague is the central hub for Security and Identity and easy to reach for our clients/partners. The location we are housed in is very well known to the market we are active in and it’s only an arm-length away from Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam.”


Doing Business in The Hague

“Of course we benefit from the knowledge and resources from our other countries, but the government and the financial industry are very open and willing to speak with us. From day one we have been fully adopted by the local business community, which helped us to ramp up for the Benelux market. The Netherlands is an important market for us in the near future.”


Future plans

“Signicat has signed a very attractive deal with Rabobank. We work closely together with Rabobank to help them sell their eBusiness suite, grow the adoption and to attract new customers as well. We are staffing up our office in The Hague to 10 or 15 people next year, and hopefully even more after that.”


For more information about Signicat, please visit