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COTM Hexegic
29 August 2018
  • Company of the Month

Hexegic | Delivering Excellence Differently

Hexegic [HEXagon + StratEGIC] is a small agile company providing consultancy and training in the areas of Cyber, Risk and Intelligence. It is an established company in the UK, operating for nearly 10 years. As of this year, Hexegic has created a physical footprint in The Hague. We spoke with Ammi Virk, Hexegic’s Head of Intelligence, about their operations in The Hague.


Who is Hexegic?
“We help to build secure infrastructures for our clients or assess their cyber risks via our cyber barrier assessment platform, ensuring their systems and data are safe. Our Intelligence specialists help them design and implement the appropriate operating models for their data management and train their in-house data specialists to apply effective analytical techniques to gain an advantage”, says Virk.


“Every business is unique, and any solution should be appropriate. For example, we recently worked with a client to provide a complete Hexegic approach to their requirements. We trained and mentored their intelligence unit over the period of a year, built a secure network and analysis platform for their work and continuously risk-assessed their work and outputs, ensuring legality and effective application of intelligence-based interventions. We now hope to find similar projects and engagement within The Hague and wider afield.”


Why expand to The Hague?
“We chose The Hague due to its great potential and because the city makes a positive and valuable contribution to local and international businesses here. We see the forward-looking leadership within the municipality, international institutions, versatile businesses and amazing people as extensions of how we operate to what we call ‘Deliver Excellence Differently.’ To this end, we want to work with the communities and businesses in The Hague to establish Hexegic as an entity that delivers and generates excellence.”


Upcoming plans in The Hague
“The establishment of Hexegic in The Hague in February 2018 allowed us to make small steps formulating a network and understanding the needs of the local companies here. We are now formally launching Hexegic and delivering our services via a multitude of formats and opportunities for engagement.


We at Hexegic like to meet face-to-face and look forward to contact from local businesses and communities.   For the upcoming months, we have some interesting events planned:


  • 30 August: the first in a series of thought-provoking subjects will be hosted at The Hague Tech


  • 20 September: the official Hexegic launch at the British Embassy in The Hague


  • 02-05 October: ‘Knowledge Share’ seminars at the Cyber Security Week in the City


  • 29-31 October: Our first Application of Intelligence Course [3 days] here in The Hague. You will be able to find it on EventBrite very soon!



  • We will be launching our new website very soon and it will be found here


We have also joined The Hague Security Delta, are members of the Hague Tech and we are now also developing a relationship with Humanity Hub, where we hope to organize seminars in the near future. For all those who are reading this, we hope to see you at one of our forthcoming events!”


For more information about Hexegic, please visit