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ZTEsoft Company of the Month
13 June 2018
  • Company of the Month

ZTEsoft | Offering digital transformation solutions for global customers

ZTEsoft Netherlands B.V. was established in The Hague in 2015. In the recent past, the company helped telecom provider KPN in their digital transformation, racking up the 2017 Global Telecom Award for Best Digital Transformation Project along the way, and it also helped Alliander build M2M network for smart metering solution. We spoke to Mr. Wei Jin, General Manager at ZTEsoft, about their operations in The Hague.


For those who are not familiar with ZTEsoft, could you tell a bit more about your company?

“ZTEsoft offers proven solutions and services for telecoms and other industries, e.g. Utility industry, to modernize their IT and support platform. It’s our vision and strategy to be a native digital change provider and empower digital transformation across industries. We define digital transformation as the integration of digital technology, e.g. AI, Cloud and Big Data Analytics, into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers. Take our key customer in The Hague, KPN. Previously, the company handled different customer data systems for all their different products. It wasn’t really customer-friendly, with waiting times that could add up to over 30 minutes. Now, by simplifying, unifying and digitalising all their systems, they have really tackled this problem, showcasing their customer-first mentality. It is our mission to help more companies achieving their goals by means of digital transformation”.


To learn more about KPN’s digital transformation, please see the video below:


 Why invest in The Hague?

“The Hague is a vibrant city with a rich history.  A large amount of high-tech companies are blooming in The Hague. We are surrounded by amazing tech companies like Tech Mahindra and KPN. It is very easy to cooperate and communicate with our business partners here and learn from one another. Besides, Voorburg/The Hague is a quiet and cozy place to work efficiently. We really like the quality of life here”.


Any major developments ZTEsoft would like to share with your audience?

“It is our goal to expand our European market and supply to more companies in the Benelux region in particular. This year, we became partners with Alibaba Group, focusing on providing Alibaba cloud solutions across industries.


With the help of ZTEsoft, Alibaba Cloud will gain much deeper understanding of the telecom industry and help telecom companies in transformation to become more flexible, scalable, stable, and more cloud native. In the meantime, Alibaba Cloud will also provide ZTEsoft with cloud native expertise and transform ZTEsoft to be a powerful partner for other companies in digital transformations.


In September, we will participate in the Computing Conference in Hangzhou, China, with the theme ‘Empower digital China’. The conference will focus on Internet of Things (IoT), smart manufacturing, new retailing and other industries, depicting the blueprint of new technology, and demonstrating the booming technological and ecological landscape of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and IoT. Come and meet us in Hangzhou!”


The Hague Business Agency has helped ZTEsoft setting up their business in The Hague. Interested in expanding your business to The Hague? Learn more about our free services here!