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Stamp n Go 4
26 April 2018
  • Company of the Month

StampnGo | #1 Customers Relationships & Marketing Management platform

Officially established in The Hague in 2017, software-company StampnGo offers mobile stamp cards via its online loyalty platform. Since setting up in The Netherlands last year, the company has already partnered up with multiple companies in The Hague. The concept of StampnGo is simple: customers can download the StampnGo app and every time they buy something at a store that makes use of this platform, the customer will receive a stamp on their mobile device.



For Aleksandr Veryayskiy, founder and CEO at StampnGo, a very common daily problem formed the inspiration for setting up StampnGo: “I always liked stamp cards – the “buy 5 coffee, get 1 for free” type – but I just gave up on taking any with me for a few years. I lost or forgot every card I took. Sometimes I collected three out of 5 stamps, but then I still managed to lose it before completing it. That was the problem that we started from almost 4 years ago with my partner and engineer Vasilii Sidorov”.


What sets StampnGo apart from the rest?
“We truly believe that everyone should focus on things they like the most. If you like to bake and want to run your own bakery, then you should focus on that instead of “how to launch a stamp card loyalty program”. We are a loyalty platform for offline businesses that, on one side, helps customers to never lose or forget their stamp cards and, on another side, helps businesses to launch and manage their stamp card loyalty programs in a few clicks and without any additional knowledge. What sets StampnGo apart from other apps, is the way in the stamps are actually made. StampnGo uses innovative patented technology that allows to make a stamp right through a screen of a smartphone”, says Veryayskiy.


Why The Hague?
“Upon deciding to set up an office in the Netherlands I started to look around for a place to work and live. Amsterdam and Rotterdam seemed very expensive, Utrecht was a bit far from the sea and so I decided to choose for The Hague, as it’s perfectly located and has an appealing balance in terms of business and leisure. Also, the support from The Hague Business Agency was a factor in choosing for The Hague. These guys helped me a lot. They showed me around, introduced me to people and helped me to set up my business here. They actually helped me to get my first client right on the first meeting!”


Doing business in The Hague
“Since I moved to the Netherlands we made a soft launch, got our first contracts, happy clients and already launched business in 3 different countries: The Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia. I would like to underline that it is all about amazing open people here. Our partners, our clients: almost all people I meet are very open and try to help me. This typical Dutch business culture is very important for expats doing business here. The 91% English proficiency and the lack of hierarchy means you can speak directly with top management without any additional introductions.”


Future developments
“We are moving forward to create the best loyalty platform that allows to launch and manage loyalty programs without any additional knowledge. Our next steps are to find an additional investment and to scale the business worldwide!”


To learn more about StampnGo, go to