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31 January 2018
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Tong Ren Tang | Doing business in The Hague | A healthy life

The Chinese company Tong Ren Tang (TRT), established in The Hague in 2015, has created a health care center to provide a one-stop-shop for customers interested in Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM), supplements, cosmetics products, natural products and TCM related services such as acupuncture and traditional massages. In the long run, Tong Ren Tang also aims to carry out R&D in order to develop new products and services.

Welcome to The Hague

Two years ago, during the official opening ceremony of Tong Ren Tang, Vice Mayor of the City of The Hague, Karsten Klein, warmly welcomed the Chinese TCM giant to the city: “The Netherlands has become a gateway for this niche market of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Most of the European TCM products are being registered and imported through the Netherlands”.


Recently, we spoke to Mr. Yang Yang, Managing Director at Tong Ren Tang in The Hague, about the company’s developments in the past two years.

Opening Tong Ren Tang The Hague 2015

Opening Tong Ren Tang The Hague 2015

Why The Hague?

“We chose to base our flagship store in The Hague because of its advantageous geographical location in Europe. Tong Ren Tang already opened several independent stores in Sweden, Switzerland, Czech, Poland and England. We have plans to expand our business and capital by opening more stores in Europe and the rest of the world. The store in The Hague will take on the wholesale business of Tong Ren Tang in Europe.”

Challenges and opportunities for Tong Ren Tang

“The biggest challenge is to introduce and promote Chinese medicine products and traditional treatments in Europe. As the leading enterprise of Chinese medicine with 348 years of history, Beijing Tong Ren Tang is well known in China, but in Europe we are still a new company. We need more opportunities and time to introduce our products and services to Europe and the rest of the world.


At this moment, we promote our brand and products by ourselves. We expect to have more opportunities to establish more local partnerships in the medical field and finding ways to better understand each other’s business culture.”

Upcoming developments

“Currently, we are introducing and promoting Chinese medicine and healthcare products to the Dutch, but we are also exploring what other products might be interesting for the Dutch market. We need to establish standardized and legal marketing channels to solve our long-term challenges and development on the European market.


Beijing Tong Ren Tang is not only a Chinese herbal medicine manufacturing and selling enterprise, but also have responsibility to popularize the culture of Chinese medicine. We expect to have more interaction with other local companies in the medical industry. In this way we want to help Europeans to solve their health challenges and to contribute to a healthier life.


In the short-term we plan to attend a cultural exchange event organized by the Dutch government and the Chinese embassy, where we can display our Chinese herbs and treatments. We cordially invite everyone to come over and experience it by themselves!”

Doing business overseas

Tong Ren Tang has already opened more than 110 outlets worldwide and now has more than 600 employees overseas. It is also promoting Tai Chi and acupuncture abroad while collaborating with traditional Chinese medicine research institutes to foster talent overseas.


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Moving to The Hague?

Are your considering to establish or expand your business to The Hague in West Holland? Contact us now! We can help you with starting your operations within the Greater Hague region.