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25 October 2017
  • Company of the Month

Organisation of the Month | China Cultural Center

This month, we highlight the China Cultural Center in The Hague. The organisation choose to establish in The Hague and is there to strengthen cultural links between the Netherlands and China and   to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. We spoke with Yang Xiaolong, Director of CCC, about the settlement in The Hague.


China Cultural Centers can be found all over the world. Can you tell us a bit about the international character of CCC? How did it start?
“A cultural center is not a new concept.  Many western countries have cultural centers abroad. China has adopted this model to show Chinese cultural abroad and promote bilateral cultural exchange. The establishment of the China Cultural Center marks a new achievement in enhancing cultural relations between countries and builds a channel of cultural exchange for both sides. Our China Cultural Centers have three functions: hosting cultural activities, teaching and training courses on language and information services. The first CCC was established in the 1980s in Africa. The past decade has witnessed the rapid development of overseas CCCs. We now have 31 CCCs all over the world.”


Since last year, the CCC is established in The Hague. What was the main reason for choosing for The Hague?
“The Hague was a logical choice. First of all, The Hague is the political and cultural center of the Netherlands. The government, the States General, the Supreme Court, the Council of State, most foreign embassies and hundreds of international organizations and cultural facilities are located here. Secondly, the Chinese Embassy is located in The Hague, and CCC (The Hague) is an institute with an intergovernmental background. On top of that, the municipality of The Hague provides great support. We are located in Spui 186, only a short walk from the city hall and the city centre. We may be situated in The Hague, but we focus on the Netherlands as a whole” 


What is the main goal/target of the China Cultural Center in The Hague?
“To see and to be seen, to share and to be shared. Our centre in The Hague aims to promote mutual understanding and culture exchange between the Chinese people and Dutch people. It is a platform both countries can use.”



How can people check out what events are coming up and how can they attend?
“We are developing our website ( as we speak, which will be launched soon. At the moment, we use Facebook (China Cultural Center in Den Haag), local media, Chinese community newspapers and our partnership network. Everyone is welcome. Just come in and join! You may experience something different every time you come in”


Are there any upcoming events (festivals, exhibitions, etc.) which you would like to bring under the attention?
“We have regular cultural and artistic and language training, and we often organize workshops and lectures. In the coming months, we are looking forward to hosting the following events:


  • Wonderful Jiangsu Printmaking Exhibition, Oct.19th-Oct.30th, 2017,
  • Chinese Story, Oct.20th-Dec. 30th, 2017,
  • 2017 Chinese Modern Art Works European Touring Exhibition, Nov.8th-Nov.15th, 2017;
  • China Nanjing Folk Art Exhibition, Nov. 24th-Dec.20th, 2017.


We hope to see you there!”


About China Cultural Centre
China Cultural Center in The Hague is an official, non-profit cultural institution set up in the Netherlands by the Chinese government. It is dedicated to the communication of the ancient yet outstanding Chinese culture and the promotion of cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and the Netherlands.


The Hague is the political center of the Netherlands and the seat of royal family, Dutch government, parliament and foreign embassies hosting scores of international organizations. Taking the advantages of convenient transportation, the Center finds itself well located at Spui 186, only a short walk from the City Hall and city’s hub brimming with cultural and artistic atmosphere.


Focusing on four basic functions, namely, “introduction to China, intellectual exchange and dialogue, culture display and teaching and training”, the Center is committed to striving all its efforts to be the ideal place for the high-level performances, exhibitions, academic forums as well as activities of literary translation, interactive cultural experience and so on. It aspires to show all-round aspects of Chinese culture, promote bilateral cultural exchanges and strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries.