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20 September 2017
  • Company of the Month

F45 | Team Training, Life Changing

F45 promises you a functional HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training) in only 45 minutes. The workout combines the best elements of Crossfit, cardio and calisthenics. The method has already gained massive popularity abroad, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, several NBA teams and professional rugby players among its fans. Earlier this year, the fitness franchise established its European HQ and first fitness studio in The Hague. Recently we spoke to Marina Kuipers, General Manager and Co-owner of F45 in The Bridge The Hague.


 Where are we?
“At the studio of F45 in The Bridge The Hague, an iconic office building in the heart of the Beatrixkwartier district. F45 started here in the beginning of the year. The Australian fitness franchise is sweeping the globe, opening nearly 1000 locations in 24 countries in just under 4 years. At F45 we solely focus on delivering the most effective functional high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions found anywhere. All of our classes are functional training for only 45 minutes, hence the name ‘F45’. We are so confident in our training that we never use contracts or hidden fees. F45 is for the beginner, the elite athlete and everyone in between!”


The fitness industry seems to have grown exponentially in recent years. What makes the F45 concept so special?
“Yes, the fitness industry continues to grow and evolve. F45 is leading the industry in the use of technology and the way our classes are scientifically designed and systemized to get phenomenal results. HIIT training is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to lose body fat, gain muscle and improve your overall fitness level and athletic ability. We have a database of 4000+ exercises and 27 different training systems so you never do the same workout twice! All you have to do is show up!”


F45 has just been established in The Hague. What was the main motivation for choosing for The Hague?
“It’s well known that The Hague has a great reputation for its beauty and character. The Hague offers tremendous opportunities for new businesses to flourish, especially in our field, since the local government is keen on making The Hague the hub for sports and fitness in The Netherlands. The recent opened Sportcampus Zuiderpark is an example of that. On top of that we knew that The Hague would be ideal because of its large expatriate community. Many expatriates are familiar with our brand and are really excited to now have F45 right here in The Hague.”


Are there any developments that you want to share with our audience?
“F45 is an official training partner with 3 professional NBA basketball teams in The USA and other major professional athletes and organizations worldwide. We hope to partner with elite athletes and professional sports teams here in Holland because functional training is the way forward for athletes to improve their performances. We also plan to enter the corporate market here in The Hague to give companies opportunities for their employees to become healthier through internal team building events and campaign.”


Are there any upcoming events F45 will either attend of host?
“Our event calendar in the near future includes nutritional seminars, 8-week body transformation challenges and other public appearances around the city for brand awareness; but more importantly, to spread the message of healthy living.”


For more information about F45 in The Hague, please visit