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Company of the Month August Logic Supply
17 August 2017
  • Company of the Month

Logic Supply | Specialist in fanless computers

This month’s company is Logic Supply, a company specialized in manufacturing fanless computers. The innovative company still builds and tests its own hardware locally, which is very unique. The company, headquartered in the US with offices in The Netherlands and Taiwan, started in Rijswijk back in 2011 and has been on the rise ever since. We spoke with HR Manager Dewi Kuipers and Marketing Specialist Tim van der Horst about their operations in The Netherlands.

For those who are unfamiliar with Logic Supply, can you tell us a bit more about your company?

Dewi Kuipers: “We are a 13-year-old global industrial PC (IPC) company that specializes in small, fanless computers, purposely built for high reliability applications. Logic Supply has been growing at about 25% per year for the last decade. We like to think that this is because we work a little differently than other IPC companies. Our pricing, our internal culture and our financials: it is all open and fair. All employees know all about our business, they receive direct feedback on their performance and are expected to talk to anybody in any role in the company – including the owners – about their ideas. We consider ourselves as an independent and innovative company: we reinvest our profit into the business and are not leveraged by outside investors or banks for our growth.

Tim van der Horst: “We assemble and test our computers in the US ánd right here in The Netherlands, which is pretty unique. I mean: who does that anymore? Also, since we have direct control over our processes, it allows for much shorter lead times than our competition: typically around 5 days and as short as the next day if needed. Our product design approach is different as well. We are experts at the system level of computer design, focusing on fanless systems which have the highest reliability and a high level of configuration. Since we base our designs primarily on an “embedded” architecture, we provide 5-year life cycles on our computer products, compared to 1-2 years in the commercial space. Additionally, our business model has a number of other advantages. We customize our hardware to represent a customer’s brand (i.e. logo), starting at low quantities, thus eliminating high entry barriers for creating a professional and personal look and feel for our customers. We customize any system with unique bios features, load a custom image and ship directly to the end customer. We call it ‘leave the hardware to us’. And, last but not least, we have orange computers!”

What was the main motivation for choosing The Hague region?

Dewi: “We chose The Hague, as it is an international city with easy access to other cities within The Netherlands and Europe, both by air and water. It is right in the middle of the two largest transportation hubs, being Schiphol Airport and the Rotterdam Harbor. Doing business from this central location facilitates our access to customers and the work force. The area offers employees great living surroundings with cultural events, natural beauty and internationally oriented society.”

The Hague is known for its strong cluster of IT, Tech & Telecom companies. Are you looking for new partnerships in The Hague, and if so: what kind of companies?

Dewi continues: “We are always on the lookout for new partnerships in The Hague. We want companies that use hardware technology to know that we are in fact around the corner. Since we assemble the hardware that we provide locally, our customers have direct access to our resources and customization possibilities. Our engineers can be contacted directly for support and so we provide an extremely reliable solution locally, something not everyone is yet aware of. Our door is always open for a quick chat about our products and services; we are happy to help!”

Are there any major developments that you want to share with our audience?

Tim: “We are a global company with a local focus. Our annual growth can be fully attributed to our market development and product innovation initiatives; all privately owned and without acquisitions whatsoever. As for sharing news with you: we will have a few revolutionary product innovations launching this fall. Furthermore, we feel like there is a lot more potential in The Hague we would love to start working on!”

Are there any upcoming events Logic Supply will either attend or host?

Tim continues: “There will be several trade shows we will visit so we can talk to clients. ‘Tele2 IoT Talks’ in Amsterdam this September will be among them.”

Dewi adds: “Also, we will be hosting some high profile guests in the next few weeks and we have found some exciting new organizations to partner with. Next to this, we are always hiring, so you will find us at the career fairs and networking events in and around The Hague. Make sure to be on the lookout for us or visit for more information or our vacancies!”