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Content Guru
31 July 2017
  • Company of the Month

Company of the Month July | Content Guru

We are proud to announce Content Guru as this month’s Company of the Month. The British-headquartered cloud contact center provider established its Benelux regional branch in The Hague in 2013, and is preparing to move to a new location in the city later this year. We spoke with Michel de Vos, Department Head – Marketing and Eric Hartmans, Department Head – Business Development at Content Guru Benelux, about their operations in the Netherlands.

For people who are not familiar with Content Guru: can you tell us more about the company?

“Our vision really says it all: Content Guru strives to optimize communications between organizations and their customers by providing innovative customer engagement and cloud contact center technology. We do this through our Communications Integration™ platform called ‘storm®’, which integrates with hundreds of information systems to enable customers to access the information they need, when they want it, wherever they are, and on whichever devices and channels they choose – including email, web chat, text message, video, voice or any other communication channel. End-customers experience.


Storm has been recognized by major industry analysts as one of the leading cloud contact center platforms globally, and is used worldwide by hundreds of the world’s largest organizations from different industries. The transformational benefits storm has brought to its customers has won Content Guru the highest business, IT and industry awards in the UK.  One of the biggest ongoing success factors for storm is the fact that we work collaboratively with our partners and customers to influence the development of the platform. The company has built its success on hiring a combination of talented graduates and seasoned industry heavyweights, forming a solid and innovative core. All development takes place at the global headquarters in Bracknell, Berkshire (United Kingdom), where more than 100 engineers are working continually push the boundaries of communications technology.”

Content Guru has been positioned as a Challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for two years in row. Can you tell us more?

“Gartner is the leading technology analyst worldwide, and since 2015 has produced an assessment of the leading cloud contact center providers in Western Europe on their ability to execute and their completeness of vision. Content Guru was recently classified as ‘Challenger’ for the second year in a row, positioned highest for the ability to execute. We are delighted with this new appreciation from Gartner. It is great recognition for years of hard commercial and technical work, and the result of our growing number of customers in the Netherlands and worldwide. Heavy investment in the development of our technology remains at the core of our business success as we look to build on our rate of 32% growth that we experienced in 2016.”

Content Guru has a partnership with KPN. Can you tell us more about this collaboration and your recent deal with Sanoma?

“In the Netherlands, we mainly work with KPN, our partner for the sale of storm services. Since 2012, the storm platform has been KPN’s cloud contact center solution of choice. Recently, we renewed the contract with KPN for five years. Through this partnership, around 100 clients now use the platform in the region, including world-leading brands such as Chubb, Fleurop Interflora, Sodexo and a new one, Sanoma.


The new agreement defines Sanoma’s move to a single, centralized, cloud contact center architecture for Sanoma Group companies in Belgium and the Netherlands. They can now fulfill the demand of their different locations, whilst operating a single integrated, multi-channel, contact center platform.”

Content Guru is originally a British company. What do you think of the business environment for foreign companies in The Hague?

“The business climate in The Hague is good. We are currently located at the Maanplein near the A12, and the property is well run for our visitors. The area where we are located is undergoing a major development with the renovation of apartments, catering, sports and offices. Content Guru is a young, fast-growing organization and that is a strong cultural fit for The Hague, where we feel ‘at home’.”

Are there any new developments or upcoming events that you want to bring to attention?

“Certainly, technology continues to rapidly evolve, just as the demands and requirements of consumers develop. This is the year of the breakthrough of Web Real Time Communication, or simply ‘WebRTC’. WebRTC will transform the communication between customer and organization in the coming years. Without the need for a phone or an application to be downloaded, it is possible for customers to contact the web browser directly. This allows sharing of screen information, chats, documents and even video communications. Customer support is easier and even more complete with WebRTC. Content Guru is the first organization that has fully integrated WebRTC technology into its contact centre architecture and agent interface.


The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance customer experience will also take off in the coming years. That’s why Content Guru introduced brain® this year. brain is designed to seamlessly interact with Artificial Intelligence applications and platforms such as IBM Watson. In the coming years, Artificial Intelligence will play an important role in Content Guru’s product strategy.


And finally: Cloud is the solution for challenges in customer contact. We see that companies are struggling to move their contact center applications to the cloud. The customer is increasingly demanding, using multiple channels and expecting 24/7 service. That requires a viable, flexible customer contact service. Cloud an important framework for technologies to meet these demands. It is no longer hype, but a technology trend that continues to see increasing penetration across IT globally, and one that is seeing increasing traction within the contact center and customer engagement space. More and more companies are moving to the cloud.


Content Guru holds an annual customer engagement event, which will take place this year on October 11th, where we create a platform to share knowledge from different organizations and guest speakers from international companies such as Randstad, Engie and UK Power Networks. The central theme is ‘Transition to the Cloud’. We hope to see you then!”


For more information about Content Guru, please visit LIke to know what other companies expanded to The Hague? Check our other Company of the Months.