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Foto: Gerrit de Heus. Den Haag. 05-08-2016. Company of the Month. Liguarama.
10 August 2016
  • Company of the Month

Linguarama | Effective training in business language and culture

We are happy to announce language institute Marcus Evans Linguarama Den Haag as the Company of the Month for August. With over 45 years of experience in The Hague, the British owned institute is a household name among the city’s large population of internationals in need of foreign language training.


About Marcus Evans Linguarama Den Haag
Over the years, Linguarama has opened 54 offices in over 31 countries, serving more than 12.000 course participants every year worldwide. The institute is known for its tailor-made programmes, which aim to meticulously meet their clients’ demands, be it a highly skilled migrant or his or her spouse and children. According to Jarek Matousek, Training Consultant at Linguarama Den Haag, the flexible approach, both in content and scheduling, makes Linguarama an ideal place for full time employees who are struggling to find the time for language courses. “Our flexibility is one of our main assets. We can adjust our programme any time to our clients’ wishes and needs and we can hold lessons both in our office or in-company. We realise that work schedules often change and people may not be able to plan their programme very much in advance. This is why we offer flexible language development programmes. These part-time courses are designed to fit around the client and his or her changing work commitments. It allows them to learn a foreign language in the time that they have available”.


Marcus Evans Linguarama’s method of teaching comprises of the exclusive use of native speaking teachers, an elaborate intake procedure and a clear planning process to reach key objectives. “These key objectives vary from person to person. People have a variety of reasons for wanting to learn a language: communicating effectively with colleagues or clients, writing letters, obtaining information, listening to others or conversing socially.


One of the most important aspects of their training method is the ‘learning by doing’ principle. “A language is mastered by speaking it. By exploring it, rather than passively receiving it through listening and reading, one tends to learn a lot more and quicker. Language is not an end in itself, but a means of successful communication. Therefore, we include cultural insights in our programmes as well in order to further promote successful communication.”

Foto: Gerrit de Heus. Den Haag. 05-08-2016. Company of the Month. Liguarama.

Individual lesson at Linguarama Den Haag. Photo by Gerrit de Heus.


Linguarama Den Haag is located in the centre of The Hague. The institute provides multiple classrooms suitable for both individual lessons and group lessons up to 8 people. Whether it is for business or personal purposes, the website of Linguarama offers on online structure test to establish your current level and to find a suitable training course for you.  Interested in following a tailor-made language course at Linguarama?
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About WestHolland
Linguarama is part of a large presence of international schools and educational institutes in the region of WestHolland, serving an ever increasing amount of internationals working and living in the region. An estimated 50,000 internationals from more than 100 countries live and work in The Hague and its surrounding region.
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