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15 June 2016
  • Company of the Month

Concentra | Get the analytics edge

Concentra Analytics is a London-based technology and analytics firm. Following a highly successful year, in which the company grew by 35 per cent with over 25 new clients, Concentra Analytics expanded their business abroad, to North America (Toronto) and Europe (The Hague).  The Hague office’s role is to open new doors to the European market. We decided to surprise the Director of Concentra Analytics Europe, Mr. Giles Slinger, and hand him the Company of the Month award during his pitch at Impact Startup Europe 2016 to celebrate his recent success in Holland and ask him about his recent move here.


Establishing in WestHolland

WestHolland is a great place: it has access to Dutch and international companies based in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and the surrounding region. It also has a great talent pool from an international group of students from all these cities plus Leiden and Delft” says Giles Slinger, who foresees a strong future for his business in The Hague. “It was hard to resist the positive investment climate in The Hague. Not only is it open to business investment, The Hague is making a strong effort to encourage co-operation between universities, government and business with research into analytics that we can all benefit from. At Concentra Analytics we’re excited to be part of the significant growth that we expect over the next 5 to 10 years in the use of big data and analytics in the Netherlands.”


Getting around

There were the usual challenges in setting up a company abroad. “It has still been a surprise to what extent there is a network that one must work through. Many institutions work at their own pace, which can make them appear uninterested in new business. That’s why the support of a neutral and encouraging partner such as The WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency was a big help. Just listing the steps to go through and giving introductions to lawyers, accountants and banks gave us the confidence that we would be able to get through the process without wasting time. They say that their aim is to achieve a ‘soft landing’ and they certainly did it for us.


Living in WestHolland

The quality of life is outstanding. There is an inclusive approach that seeks to give everyone access to some important simple pleasures of life. I love the dunes and the beach at Scheveningen when the sun shines or when the mist gathers in low. I love the bicycle paths and the bicycle-friendly driving. I also thought it was great after the last home match of the football season at ADO Den Haag, when all the kids were invited to come onto the pitch to play after the game. I haven’t seen that in the top divisions in other countries.


Partnering up

Concentra Analytics Europe’s approach is also demonstrated by its partnerships with Dutch consulting firms: “OrgVue is already the best transformation tool available in the market. From July 2016, it will add the capability for consulting firms to build their methods in a secure environment. That will give each firm a major new capability to leverage their knowledge. So we are talking with consulting firms about how to do more with their strong capabilities in organisational transformation.


The partnership approach also extends to local universities. “We are training up young interns and analysts through data mash-up days in partnership with the Consulting Academy, the University of Leiden in Den Haag and other universities’ MBA programmes. Our interest is in finding people graduating now with a strong interest in big data and organisational change.


Foto: Gerrit de Heus. Den Haag. 26-05-2016. Caballero Fabriek. Impact Startup Fest.

Photo: Pitching Concentra at Impact Startup Europe, The Hague (photo by Gerrit de Heus).

About Concentra

In 2008, a group of operations consultants led by Rupert Morrison decided there had to be a better way to solve business problems. One which didn’t involve working till 3 in the morning in a nightmare of endless Excel Spreadsheets and frustratingly static PowerPoint slides.


Their aim was to build tools so that businesses could gain competitive advantage beyond a single project. By bringing together consulting skills with technology, they created a new business model where industry expertise and analytics are combined with technology to solve business problems faster and to deliver sustainable value.


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