30 November 2018
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MoneyConf: Redefining the future of finance


In 2020 and 2021 The Hague wishes on behalf of The Netherlands to host the MoneyConf; an important European finance and technology event. In order to welcome the event to The Netherlands a broad local support is needed from public and private sector companies and therefore we are inviting you to join us in this mission.



MoneyConf is the leading meeting space for executives of international, financial organizations, founders of the world’s most innovative startups and influential investors, who together redefine the future of finance. It is organized as a spinoff of the WebSummit – the world’s largest technology conference also called “Davos for geeks”.


MoneyConf has inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs and startups and has grown enormously in 3 years. The 4th edition in 2018 took place in Dublin and put the city firmly on the ‘fintech map of Europe’. During the two-day conference in 2018 the event attracted over  5,000 visitors, 100 speakers from 60 different countries and 250+ journalists. Four of the top 10 fintech companies worldwide participated in the conference.


Unique Opportunity for The Netherlands and The Hague

The acquisition of this conference would be a unique opportunity for the Netherlands and The Hague. With Brexit ahead, MoneyConf offers an ideal platform for positioning the Netherlands as a next financial center. The country already has a strong financial sector recognized globally, a fast-growing FinTech sector of more than 430 companies and a number of successful international scale-ups such as Adyen and Bunq.


MoneyConf focuses on main banking activities, as well as on technological developments in adjacent sectors such as insurance, pensions and other long-term investments. The Netherlands is the most important innovator in the pension sector worldwide, as well as we are one of the leaders is LegalTech, RegTech and InsurTech.



MoneyConf is a great opportunity to strengthen The Netherlands position within the international FinTech community. By collaborating and bringing this event to our country we hope to build-up and unite the Dutch Fintech eco-system. MoneyConf would be a great platform to share  our achievements in this field with the world and to regain the position of one of leading destinations in this field, as well as it would in long term help us build even stronger eco-system by giving us the opportunity to:


  • Attract and retain talents,
  • scout promising startups,
  • attract new investors,
  • discover new disruptive technologies
  • learn about future trends
  • create new business opportunities and partnerships – matchmaking
  • profile yourself as a leading player in the fintech community globally – international exposure


About The Hague

As an International City of Peace and Justice, The Hague has a distinctive global position, where a lot of knowledge in the field of (international) law, ethical issues, privacy and (cyber) security has been gathered. The city can therefore offer a different perspective to such a financial and technological conference, which is complementary to existing FinTech events organized in The Netherlands.  In The Hague we are innovating towards a better world. The network of international organizations (200), universities of applied sciences, universities, several large corporates combined with a strong tech sector and creative industry is the driving force behind the innovation and growth in the region. Due to our strong position and entrepreneurial spirit The Hague is also hosting of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2019 on behalf of The Netherlands.  The Netherlands can play a pioneering role in creating a financial sector that is healthy and sustainable,  where the innovation is applied by taking into account privacy, fraud, regulations and ethical dilemmas. And where technology is used for financial inclusion, fairer distribution of wealth or better protection of someone’s online security.  We hope you see the opportunity and will join us in supporting us in bringing the MoneyConf to The Netherlands and The Hague in 2020 and 2021.


For more information or expression of interest please contact:

Tadeja Pivc- Coudyser t.pivc@thehague.com or
Derk Jan Statema D.Statema@thehague.com


 Supporters of The Dutch MoneyConf Bid:
Startup Delta and Special Envoy Constantijn van Oranje support the bid: ‘The Netherlands has a good starting position with a constantly growing tech sector, a strong financial sector and a flourishing start-up scene. MoneyConf can boost this ecosystem and accelerate the opportunities for innovation that lie ahead in, for example, legaltech, pensiontech, insuretech and regtech. ‘


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